1st April 2020


There has been a great deal of work that has had to be done as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

So far the club has targeted the various sections of the organisation

separately in order to make sure that everyone is individually advised of the situation.

I have had a suggestion made to me that it would be helpful for people to know just what has been involved via the club’s Website – so here goes :

The number of individual emails to our hotels, course equipment contractors, land owners, government departments, emergency services, the ferry company and airlines, marshal trainers, catering companies, etc.. total in excess of 75 items.

Competitors (100+), marshals and officials (62) all have had general bulletins which has enabled them to be kept up to date. There have also been individual items of correspondence with some of them and of course, several telephone calls.

There are still the individual refund arrangements to be dealt with for the eighty-one competitors, some of whom are transferring their entry to the 2021 event.

The main bulletins (not all) are included with this article for you to read if you have not already had them.

I have been supported by several members of the team and wish to thank them all for their efforts during this very busy period.

I also take this oppertunity, on behalf of the Directors and myself, to wish everyone good health, avoid this dreadful disease, and look after those close to you.

Graham Malcolm

Clerk of Course


These bulletins will give you more information, please download as soon as possible:

Manx Classic Cancellation      Manx Classic Information      Manx Classic Refunds