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Manx Classic Results 2017


Thursday 27th April, Friday 28th April and Saturday 29th April 2017

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Videos: Paul Skinner, Nissan Micra Si: The Sloc

Simon Kelleway, 1937 Riley Special: Creg Willey's - Lhergy Frissell

 Photos shown above © Denise Moore


Full results for Thursday, Friday and Saturday below (download as PDF's):


Results from Day One of the Manx Classic:  The Sloc Hillclimb 2017   [PDF] updated

Results from Day Two of the Manx Classic:  Creg Willey's Hillclimb 2017   [PDF]

Results from Day Three of the Manx Classic:  Lhergy Frissell Hillclimb 2017   [PDF]

Overall awards - By Class for 2017   [PDF] updated

Overall awards - By Era for 2017   [PDF]












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